Oak lumber

Oak timber from your sawmill...

Trendy wood with character, whether for artistic restorations or exciting designer furniture, oak impresses!

We have an extensive and well-maintained oak lumber warehouse in all common sawing thicknesses. Large stocks of oak lumber impress in the quality grades:

• first grade
• common grade
• furniture grade
• parquet grade
• or A, A/B, B, B/C

Our most common cutting thicknesses for our oak lumber:

20 mm | 27 mm 4/4"| 30 mm | 35 mm 4/5" | 40 mm 4/6"| 50 mm 8/4" | 52 mm 8/4"| 65 mm 10/4" | 80 mm 12/4" | 100 mm 16/4"| 120 mm 18/4"

We have the Spessart oaks, predominantly sessile oak with a particularly fine annual ring structure from our homeland as well as oak from the best growing areas, in the form of oak lumber and sawn veneer. The entire range of oak lumber is available air-dried or technically dried.
No matter whether rose oak or wild oak, copper oak or rustic oak, whether plain oak, fine-grained oak or mild oak, this building and material has been inspiring for hundreds of years as boards and planks, as sawn veneer and squared timber. Always different, always new.

An interesting alternative for indoor use is red oak. It is characterized by faster growth and is therefore more straight. The color of this timber is slightly darker with a touch of rosé. 
The stronger grain and distinctive pores are particularly effective on whitewashed or stained surfaces.

Oak lumber

Be inspired, we provide the material for your dreams! Solid oak for lively furniture and timeless designer pieces, for stairs, doors, floors, windows...

...the limits of use lie only in the imagination.

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